Le Coq Rico Paris - The bistro of beautiful birds, by Antoine Westermann The Bistro of Beautiful Birds
Le Coq Rico New York is now open !


From the spit-roasts

Challans  chicken – 22


Whole birds for 2 to 3 people

Duckling, confit & roasted from the Dombes region – 85 euros

Chicken “Cou-Nu” Yellow from the Landes region – 86 euros

Guinea fowl from the Auvergne region  89 euros

For 2 to 4 people

Chicken from the Bresse region – 98 euros

Chicken "Cou-Nu" red from the Vaucluse region, organic farming  – 98 euros

Served with...

Home made French fries, salad
Oven Macaroni cheese, salad
Seasonal vegetable casserole

Seasonal dishes...

Sauted seasonal mushrooms in poultry juice – 15 euros

1g of fresh Vaucluse truffle – 6 euros


Poultry, Fish &  Shellfish

Roasted scallops with smoked duck breast
mashed pumpkin with ginger & pack choy
– 32 euros

Chicken & crayfish Vol au Vent – 28 euros


The Noble Poultry Yard

Poule au pot,
stuffed vegetables & pilaf rice – 24 euros

Challans guinea fowl suprême,
stuffed with porck foot, caramelised sauerkraut 29 euros

Chicken "Cou-Nu" supreme with fresh truffle - Baeckeoffe style,
potatoes, leeks & Riesling wine 36 euros

Roasted pigeon, 
fingerling potatoes, bacon strip, salsify – 41 euros/ pers


All taxes included

Mains, Challans, Guinea fowl, Supreme, Le Coq Rico