Le Coq Rico Paris - The bistro of beautiful birds, by Antoine Westermann The Bistro of Beautiful Birds
Le Coq Rico New York is now open !


The Poultry Giblets Delicatessen Board

Pan-fried poultry livers & hearts,
fried wings, spiced Cromesquis – 15 euros


The 'Eggz'

Soft Boiled Egg 
with salmon egg & sea weed butter finger bread – 13.

Sunny Side Up Eggs with Thyme flower, 
smocked duck breast Tartine – 14.

Egg Mimosa 
with Tuna filets from the Conserveira de Lisboa – 14.

Egg in deep fried almond crumb, 
green asparagus & red oinion vinaigrette– 16.



Roasted duck liver in poppy seeds crumb, 
arugula salad, green apple & chicken jus vinaigrette – 29.

Westermann-style goose Foie Gras pie – 32.


Soups & chicken consommés

Green asparagus Velouté, 
chicken doughnut – 14.

Chicken Consomme & Celeriac,
Duck Foie Gras Raviole – 16.


Poultry salads

Roasted chicken livers & white asparagus,
Hollandaise sauce Dressing – 14.

Chicken Oysters Roasted,Raw & Cooked Beets,
Sesame Seeds Vinaigrette – 16.



Poultry terrine – 15 euros
Duck rillettes – 14 euros

All taxes included


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