Le Coq Rico Paris - The bistro of beautiful birds, by Antoine Westermann The Bistro of Beautiful Birds
Le Coq Rico New York is now open !


The Poultry Giblets Delicatessen Board

Pan-fried poultry livers & hearts,
fried wings, spiced Cromesquis – 15 euros


The 'Eggz'

Soft-boiled egg,
Vaucluse truffle, fresh truffle buttered toast – 16 euros

Egg Mimosa,
with tuna filets from the Conseveria de Lisboa – 14 euros

The Fried Egg with almonds
Corn cream & duck liver on a toast  – 16 euros

The sunny side up egg,
smoked duck breast toast  – 14 euros

(Fresh truffle – 6 euros)



Pan-fried duck foie gras,
Red cabbage salad, pineapple chutney & ginger juice – 29 euros

Crusted goose foie gras,
Westermann style – 32 euros

Soups & chicken consommés

The chicken cream soup,
herbs & chicken beignet – 13 euros

Celeriac bouillon,
duck foie gras ravioli – 15 euros


Poultry salads

The chicken liver salad,
cream of chickpeas, tempura of eggplant– 14 euros

Roasted chicken oysters,
raw & cooked beets, sesame seeds vinaigrette – 16 euros



Poultry terrine – 15 euros
Duck rillettes – 14 euros

All taxes included


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