Le Coq Rico Paris - The bistro of beautiful birds, by Antoine Westermann The Bistro of Beautiful Birds
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Antoine Westermann loves sharing his unwavering passion for poultry and brings out all that the farmyard and game birds have to offer in quality, variety and flavor.

Fowl is a world unto itself, its flavor and texture changing depending on the region and the style of farming used. Some fowl are seasonal, sometimes with a very short season, like the goose (from November to December), the duck....

What’s the idea, Chief ?

Fowl is a specialty in French cuisine, and offers countless ways to create and revisit recipes.

We work in close collaboration with livestock farmers in order to guarantee products with only the highest-quality origins.

Our eggs are also carefully selected from various farms and their sources vary with the egg-laying season. The Coq Rico firmly believes in wasting a minimum, and uses nearly all elements of the bird.

What’s on the Menu, Chief ?

Roasted chicken is presented either whole or in individual servings, always with a minimum of three different origins suggested. It is served with its jus, alongside home-style fries and a green salad.

Eggs are also honored at the Coq Rico, served sunny-side-up, soft-boiled, fried and in a salad... You will even find the famous “Eggs à la Russe,” with mayonnaise and a crisp vegetable macédoine.

You will be pleased to see time-honored classics such as chicken soups and consommés, duck terrines and chicken livers on the menu.

Seasonal fowl prepared to Westermann’s standards can be found in the section « The Nobel Poultry Yard »

Poultry does not always have to fly solo, and the Coq Rico creates harmonious fusions in the theme « Fish, Shellfish and Poultry ».

Whole birds cooked with their sides, such as the famous Bresse Fatted Hen in a Baeckeofe with truffle, can be found in the theme « Antoine Westermann’s Hens ».

The sources and terroirs of both our eggs and our fowl can be found on the menu.

View from Antoine Westermann, le coq rico's kitchen